We are a team of passionate and experienced recruiters with deep experience in software technology. We believe Talent Matters and have a proven track record of helping AI Employers and AI Candidates.

We are a team of passionate and experienced recruiters with deep experience in software technology. We believe Talent Matters and have a proven track record of helping AI Employers and AI Candidates.

We are experiencing an AI Singularity

“A hypothetical moment in time when Artificial Intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.”

We've built a global AI talent network

Software Engineers
Data Scientists
AI Engineers
AI Researchers
Computer Scientists

Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Cognitive Computing

We guarantee our AI recruiting results

We win when our Employers and Candidates win. We focus on our scientific approach to assess AI technical skills, AI education/work experience, domain knowledge and cultural fit to amplify AI dev teams.

Martin Savard

General Manager & AI Talent Recruiter

Martin has been working with leading edge software and networking technologies for more than 20 years. Prior to Singularity Search, Martin was an executive who was key to success in both high growth and publicly traded companies including Macadamian Technologies, Flick Software, Empowered Networks and Borland Software.

Eliot Burdett

Co-Founder & AI Talent Recruiter

With more than 30 years of experience building successful recruiting and technology companies, Eliot brings a talent mindset to all of his organizations and customers. He has built and run high-performance sales, marketing and recruiting organizations creating software, internet solutions, and intelligent agents.

Brent Thomson

Co-Founder & AI Talent Recruiter

With more than 20 years of technology sales and recruiting experience, Brent has built and run high-performance teams that consistently won awards and exceeded targets. As well as owning several recruiting companies, Brent’s career has included success driving sales at Rational Software (acquired by IBM), Fastlane (acquired by Quest software), and EDS Systemhouse.

Jamie Mcclelland


Jamie is a change agent, growth accelerator and talent builder focused on customer experience, digital technology, big data, AI and FinTech start-ups and scale-ups. Jamie’s held global Marketing & Sales, Product Management, Venture Capital and Board roles for firms like E*TRADE, Dataminr, Recognia, D+H, P&G and Ventures West in NYC, LA, Silicon Valley and Toronto.

Kim Morin

Culture and Business Ops Manager

Kim has spent over 20 years striving to find the right solutions, processes and talent to drive companies forward.  As People, Culture and Business Operations Manager Kim enables and empowers the Singularity team to do their best work.  Key to this is developing and supporting an environment where our vision and values drive behaviour.  Being part of a value driven and leadership focused group allows Kim to build the right team that accelerate Singularity’s growth.

Keith Johnstone

Head of Marketing

Keith Johnstone is the Head of Marketing for Singularity Search. He is responsible for building Singularity Search’s global brand; creating client awareness and advocacy, and driving customer preference for the brand through all channels. Keith has over 10 years of marketing and management experience, working in the recruiting and international security space, and is a recognized contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HR.com, Sales and Marketing Magazine, HubSpot Sales, Recruiter.com, and Manta.

Craig Hung

Chief Financial Officer

Craig helps Singularity see the truth behind the numbers. Craig is a seasoned Controller with over 20 years experience leading accounting departments.  Prior to joining Singularity Search, Craig was the General Manager at Payment Services Corporation and Corporate Controller with Momentous Corp.



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